Our Animals

Jasper was born in 2003 and was originally brought from Ireland by a dealer. He was scared of his own shadow and we couldn’t bare to leave him behind. For many month Jasper disliked any contact and remained very nervous, but gradually he began to trust again and enjoy human company. Now Jasper is one of our most affectionate and kind natured donkeys. He is certainly the brightest and loves training sessions and learning new things.  If you learn how to gain Jasper’s trust he is the most amazing donkey to interact with. Something very special happens when Jasper gets to know someone.

Enoch and Jaspers are personal pets on the donkey sanctuary foster scheme and enjoy greeting visitors but only take part in charitable events.

EnochEnoch was born in 1993. He was born at the donkey sanctuary in Devon and remains one of their foster donkeys. Enoch lived with his mother until he was 9 years old. After his mother passed away he didn’t really meet any new friends. (donkeys form very strong bonded friendships) His grooms thought he would be perfect to be fostered to us and spend a lot of time with people. Enoch is best friends with Jasper. He is quite a celebrity, famous for visiting patients in hospital wards, day centres and nursing homes, whilst being very popular at schools, shows, events, nativities  and parades. Enoch is a calm very loving donkey, nothing much phases him. Even brass bands or bursting balloons don’t worry him.

PoloPolo was born in 2001. His owner was loosing their field and needed to re home him quickly. We fetched Polo from Coventry and he is a darling boy. He is steady strong and reliable. Polo enjoys pulling his cart in harness and giving the occasional rides. Polo like Enoch enjoys the public arena. He is famous for appearing in a pop video and a car superstore advert. Polo adores film sets and never puts a foot wrong.

CariadCariad Bach meaning little love/darling in welsh joined us in October 2010 as a 6 month old Jenny(female) foal. She is a very cheeky and inquisitive young donkey, never wanting to be left out and always sticking her head into everyone’s business. Cariad is very confident young donkey and is showing us that she loves people and attention. Cariad is going to make a fantastic therapy donkey.

PCPC – PC short for Puss Cat is a Russian Blue coloured very friendly cat born around 1999. Cats don’t always like working in a therapy setting but PC is in her element visiting people and making them fuss her. PC originally came to stay temporarily whilst her owners moved, but got so comfortable she never left. PC has never scratched or bitten and is just the most laid back, attention seeking cool cat an animal therapist could wish for.
Pip is a lively border collie born July 2007. Pip is very clever, but also very active. Pip isn’t your typical therapy animal. Although she likes attention she rarely sits still long enough outside to get it. Pip however is learning to work sheep and cattle and much fun can be had putting her through her paces and seeing what these clever dogs can do.


Sam born in 2000 is a Welsh sheep dog. After a period of illness we retired Sam from working on our cattle farm. Sam quickly began tagging along on therapy sessions and decided himself that his retirement would be partial and that he wanted a career change to therapy dog. Sam’s first job every morning is to check the donkeys are ok. Earning him the title of “Donkey Dog”!

TortyTorty is over 45 years old. He is a spur thighed tortoise with a big personality. Torty likes attention and entertains with his unusual antics.

HazelHazel ,Willow and Acorn are 3 young guinea pigs, very cheeky and love to be stroked. Hazel is mother to Willow and Acorn. Their owner had bought 2 guinea pigs believing they were both girls, only to end up with 8 new Guniea Pigs. We are reasonably sure that all 3 are girls, it can be hard to tell  in babies. There is a chance Hazel has arrived pregnant, so watch this page and if the Guinea pig numbers increase you know she was. In Jan 2011 Hazel was 1 years old and her babies Willow and Acorn were born Jan 22nd 2011.

BlossomBlossom was born Oct 2010. She is a Stabiliser Heifer from our Beef farm. Blossom grew week and stopped getting up for food. She was already weaned from her mother. We separated her into a separate pen to nurse her back to health but although we were supporting her to stand every day she developed a bad pressure wound on her ankle. After a long course of anti biotics, physio therapy and lots of TLC Blossom is recovering well. It will probably be June 2011 before she is in tip top condition and using her leg properly but we are very hopeful and pleased with her progress. Blossom lives next door to the donkeys in her own shelter and pen. She is now very friendly to humans and quite a character. Possibly the only therapy calf in Wales?

AlfieAlfie is a 12 month old Golden Retriever. He sady had found himself at Golden Retriever Rescue through no fault of his own. Alfie who was called Angus before we renamed him has joined the team. He is stunning in looks and personality. Alfie is to become one of our therapy dogs and take on the hospital and care home work as his speciality.
Welcome Alfie. What a gorgeous new addition. We love him dearly already.

HerbieHerbie has joined us from Pets at Home in Carmarthen. He was in the “please adopt me” section looking for a new home. Herbie is 6 months old and is an Albino Guinea Pig, which means he is white with red eyes. The staff were pleased to re home him with us as it seems his unusual looks have meant that no one wanted to buy him. We knew immediately that he has the makings of a good therapy Guinea Pig as he enjoys being picked up and stroked. In fact he snuggles in and stays very calm when being handled. Perfect. Just proves the old adage about beauty being skin deep.

HopeTen days ago one of our beef cows calved a lovely bull calf. Sadly after a normal evening the mother haemorrhaged and died leaving an orphan red bull calf. The crows had been unkind in the early hours and had damaged the young calf’s tongue. We quickly brought the orphan calf into the donkeys stable area and began emergency care. The calf could not suck so we needed to stomach tube him for the first 3 days to get vital milk and fluids into him. Very quickly with antibiotic treatment the young calf began to grow stronger. Now at 10 days old he is very strong, drinking 5 litres of milk from our bottles a day and becoming very active and quite a character. So in the face of adversity when we felt he would not survive we called this youngster HOPE. Look at the photo today of Hope waiting for his feed and sucking the gate handle and then hungrily taking one of his many bottles. Maybe if you come to visit you can see for yourself how strong Hope now is and if your very lucky you might be able to help with his bottles.

ArchieArchie is a 10 year old Dun coloured
gelding and loves his cuddles.

GertieGertie is also 10 years old and a grey jenny (female) donkey. She is rather confident and cheeky and her ears prick up the moment she hears a childs voice!

If you wish to find out more about AAT and the work of BAAT please call or email info@animalassistedtherapywales.co.uk


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